Can you guess at what kind of traffic Facebook gets?

1.44 billion people are on Facebook per month. There’s not a chance in the world that someone hasn’t heard of Facebook. It’s the social media platform that started it all – and continues to dominate as well.

There are many different ways to ‘play’ on Facebook for your business, but at the same time – Facebook doesn’t make it easy. Follow a few of these tips to make sure that your Business Facebook isn’t out of the game.

  • Get a Facebook Business Page

I know it may sound crazy, but there are still some businesses that haven’t started their own social media page as a real way to market to people. The fact is, if 1.44 Billion people are on Facebook, shouldn’t marketers, who are trying to sell products to these consumers, be on it too?

  • Develop Your Audience

Who’s your audience? Think of your target demographic – what are they doing online? Do they watch sports, go to the movies, and/or own a home? The knowledge of all of these things (and more) will give you the insight you need to know who to target when writing content, engaging, etc.

  • Monitor Your Competitors

What are your competitors doing on social media? What platforms do they have? Are they running Facebook ads or is their engagement organic? Look at what is working or not working for them, and develop a strategy that puts you in the game to compete with them. Don’t copy them – just take note of what their audience is engaging with, then go to the drawing board and see how you can leverage that idea in a different way.

  • Post Regularly

The thing about social media – you have to be social to stay relevant. You have to understand that once you are in, you are in. If you are not at the top of the radar (AKA news feed) of your consumer, they forget about you. Now of course don’t go blowing up a consumers news feed, but find a balance. In Facebook for Business about 75% of posts should always be engaging or helpful to the consumer, while 25% should be information about the company. Once you get their attention and happiness with the 75% they feel okay with you posting that 25%.

  • Be Friendly

Social media will always bring out the trolls. They will want to come and knock your company and brand, and now – when you get Facebook – they have a public way of doing it. Develop a customer service strategy for your social media platforms and be kind while responding and handling these situations. Sometimes, people will never be pleased – but making an effort of kindness will go along way for your brand reputation.

There are plenty other ways that you can set up your business for success on Facebook, but these will get you started. Let us help you go the extra mile in your social media game with some tips on Facebook for Business. Contact us here for more information.

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