Kristin Miller Jewelry

  • Kristin Miller came to owner, Brooke Burnett, of Muse Media looking for someone to train her how to manage her digital marketing. Kristin has a very basic understanding of how her website, blog, social media, and other digital marketing efforts worked together. However, she wasn’t seeing the engagement on social media or traffic on her website that she wanted.
  • We’ve had many clients like Kristin Miller come to us with this same problem. We’ve put together a digital marketing consulting guide that walks the client through each part of their digital marketing. We meet with the client, and assign tasks during each phase of the consulting process. Then we walk the client through each phase showing and training them on these best practices.
  • After completing our digital marketing consulting sessions Kristin had a significantly better understanding of how to utilize all of her digital marketing platforms to increase engagement and most importantly increase sales. 


Increased Website Users/Traffic


Increased Social Traffic