One Small Blonde

  • One Small Blonde is a personal blog designed and developed by Muse Media owner, Brooke Burnett. After years of consulting and developing social strategies for her clients she decided to put these skills to use on her blog. The main problem was creating consistent content that would increase blog visibility, engagement and SEO rank.
  • We developed a content calendar around the industry trends and topics, and started incorporating giveaways/promotions through the blog. We also installed a SEO tool to the WordPress blog which helped ensure every page and blog post was optimized for correct keywords. Last, we set up Facebook ads to gain new followers, drive traffic to the blog, and increase engagement.
  • By increasing the number of posts made each week, and incorporating specific SEO keywords we moved the blog to the first page of Google while it continues to rise to the #1 spot. In the last six months we increased website/blog traffic by almost 30% due to a consistent posting schedule and ads.